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Hair Replacements

Because hair loss is such a common phenomenon for both men and women worldwide, people have turned to a wide variety of solutions to manage it. Some people adapt their diet by eating more protein- and biotin-rich foods. Some people try topical treatment such as hair loss shampoos, such as Alpecin. But many people resort […]

Inspirational Hair Loss Sufferers

Hair loss can happen to anyone regardless of socioeconomic status, including those at the very top of the social ladder. For both men and women, hair loss often happens at some point later in life due to genetic makeup. As your body ages, the cells in your hair follicles naturally begin to degenerate and fail […]

The Salman Khan Hair Transplant Story

Salman Khan is one of Bollywood’s brightest stars and a well-respected actor, producer, and writer. Because of his fame, he experienced high pressure from the entertainment industry to maintain his good looks even as he began to see the effects what most other men endure with age – male pattern baldness. To combat the effects […]

Telogen Effluvium and Extreme Emotional Stress

Telogen effluvium is a temporary loss of hair that manifests during a period of extreme emotional stress in a person’s life. It can occur after a dramatic shock to the body, such as getting into a car accident. People of all ages can experience this type of hair loss and it can happen to both […]

Bald Men and Attractiveness

Some men go bald naturally over time, but some choose to go bald as a style choice. Many people would balk at the idea of losing their locks, but research suggests that there may be a good reason for men with male pattern balding to embrace the look of a clean-shaven head. An article from […]

Temporary Vs. Permanent SMP

scalp micropigmentation training

If you are considering getting a scalp micropigmentation medical tattoo, chances are that you are scouring the web for all the information you can get. You may be wondering whether you should get a temporary or a permanent SMP tattoo. At Trillium Ink, we strive to provide our clients with all of the information necessary […]

Is Alpecin Shampoo for Hair Loss?

Alpecin C1 Shampoo claims to have the answer to male pattern baldness: caffeine. Alpecin is marketed as a product that can help to promote hair growth, reduce hair loss, and strengthen your strands. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is to blame for up to 80% of cases of male hair loss. This […]

How Long will Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

before and after smp

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is modern technology’s answer to balding, alopecia, and covering hair transplant scars. Using a medical-grade tattoo gun and administered by a highly trained technician, SMP provides instant, long-lasting results to each client. When done the right way, the results of SMP are permanent and do not require any upkeep. What to expect […]

Why does hair turn gray?

Gray hairs are as normal a part of growing older as developing wrinkles or noticing a change in vision. Though many people will notice some of their strands turn silvery as time wears on, fewer will understand the scientific process behind it. This article will explain why hair turns gray. It’s all in the melanin […]